Chased by hurricanes: Sandy, Evan and Frida

My Journey started with hurricanes! So I’m not sure if they are following me? or do I attract them? 

– I left Tunisia in October, to NY. Next thing I know:

Sandy: The worst storm to hit the East Coast in decades, I was in NY right before it arrives, precisely October 28 noon’ish.

Hurricane Category 1 storm, the largest Atlantic hurricane on record (as measured by diameter, with winds spanning 1,100 miles (1,800 km) about to hit NY.

Left, I had to leave before it arrives. Had to drive 12 hours through to be safe and far away from the storm; and I did. 

– A month After

Evan: I’m in LA waiting to catch my flight to Fiji. 

Alert: all flight to Fiji cancelled because of a cyclone, no flight is going in or out of Fiji: Evan the strongest cyclone on record, equivalent to a category 4 hurricane in the Northern Hemisphere. Well, well! A great improvement from category 1 to 4. WAW! 

– Few Days after

Freda: I love the Spanish name, in fact the 3rd day of my shelter, I spent listening to Spanish music 🙂 

So I arrive to New Caledonia 10 days later than expected because of Evan. I am now planning a New Year’s eve week end up North. Unfortunately Freda is hitting the north first, so I have to return. I was on my way to the far north of Noumea when I heard that  a cyclone is approaching: “The U.S. Embassy in Suva, Fiji, alerts U.S. citizens residing in or traveling to New Caledonia that the Joint Typhoon Warning Center has issued a Cyclone Freda warning.”   Great, all I wanted to see is the “heart of Voh” that’s all.

Well I guess not! locked-up in the house for 3 full days, for a Cyclone which weakened to 90Km /h as it moved towards the east Caledonian Island. Getting even better, the hurricane wakening to turn into rain and not as bad wind.


Port of Noumea After the leave of Frida: Jan 3, 2013

I’m glad I’m a Nomad and none of my stops were short vacation and I have to go back to work right after J

For the question of who is following how, I can only find out as I keep going on my journey.  

My next stop is New Zealand, so let’s see if New Zealand will have any hurricane while I’m there or on my way there? 

To be continued….. J

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