Home! Home sweet Home!

What is it that scares a big traveller and makes him think that the safest place to be is home?

48 hours from my flight, I am taking the ferry to get closer to the airport and get ready to go back home.

I had my bags next me, my juice in hand and not even thinking or looking at passengers. I hear this scared and stressed out voice asking me: Are you going to Bangkok? And I said yes! It was this young guy with his hobo and small backpack, he seemed uncomfortable and absolutely not at ease. He said I’m also going to BKK too with some relief for finding someone heading to the same destination.

I was so curious to find out what’s wrong so I started the conversation by asking him how long you’ve been here. And he said:

–       I arrived this morning and I couldn’t find my bank card so I am taking the ferry back. I took it as a sign for me to go home.

–       Where is home?

–       England, can’t wait to be back

–       How long you’ve been in the road?

–       7 months

I was puzzled, just loosing the card make him take that decision? Hemm!

Then I thought I didn’t need to loose my card myself to take that decision. I just smelled one of the Asian dishes based in rice and I thought hemmm this smells like mloukhia (Tunisian dish) and I felt tears in my eyes and I looked at my backpack and I felt exhausted, tired, breathless, completely mindless, can’t take anymore decision or enjoy what I see around me.

When I talked with Cronon I learned that he is a well travelled person, have done countries in Africa, Latin America, USA……  yet he  is the most stressed out traveller I ever met. He doesn’t talk about anything beautiful he saw, but about how is he going to get to Bangkok, like it was the most far away planet he’s ever going to go to.

I ended up spending more time with Cronon as he was so tired to think that he chose to follow me, he had no attention what so ever to take another decision. Again I recognize that attitude of trusting another traveler and say I’m giving up I won’t decide anymore cause I can’t.

He is few hours away from his flight when we got to Bangkok, he had his flight booked, confirmed, his shuttle bus to the airport confirmed but nothing took his fear away. Nothing was helping him to relax. Hour after hour his stress was getting bigger and bigger. I latterly felt I’m with a kid that I had to hold his hand and walk him cause he barely can stand in his feet.


Cronon waiting for his taxi at the reception, so nervous that he looks like he is ready to fly to the airport

I looked at him and said:

–       Relax you will be inside the airport in not even couple of hours it will be fine.

And he replied:

–       I won’t until I see “Welcome to Heathrow Airport” and when I will see that sign I am going to KISS the GROUND.

Pretty strong statement, I just pictured the scene and I saw it and I wished I am taking same flight as him just to take that picture.

Absolutely remarkable and genius statement. That’s when traveller think that there is no way to keep going none of exotic places that he dreamt to be in all his life is appealing anymore, you become blinded, everything looks just the same trees people and buildings.  All you see is signs that tells you go home, you need to go home, it’s time to go home.

The beauty of traveling is that towards the end it shows you, as much as you like to see new places, discover new culture, meet new people, learn new languages, break the routine and have different adventure everyday but nothing or no place or no one can make you feel in peace other than being home.

Cornon you will make it buddy! And you will enjoy being home like never this time, it’s the beauty of traveling: appreciate the simplest thing that you had and never thought of how valuable it is: HOME, home sweet home!

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