From now on it’s going to be me and the penguin

Back to reality, back to job search back to interviewwwwhhhh

Ended my trip officially 4 months ago, but continued to travelling with my exhibit another 3 months. I have been back 1 month ago to where I will get back to what most people call “normal real life”.

I was on the airplane anxious excited to see the people I love and I miss though and definitely not to start neither looking for a job or feel like I’m different from the people I would be around. But yep I has to deal with it, different I am.

As much as I accept that difference but I had to think of a way to fit the place I choose to live in, for the moment.

So first idea was: Let’s try to get a job. Not for a career, as it’s not a goal anymore, but to get enough money to continue enjoying life, work on my documentary photography projects.

Here I am finally got my first interview set-up for a Sunday. Weird, but hey, they’re must be busy and they must need someone by Monday, save me time searching.    The job is Photographer assistant, not really my plan but why not meet more photographers and get to work in a Studio get to learn more about light, and more gears.

The thing that I forgot about, or may be didn’t know is that not only finance jobs have weird interviews, pretty much every industry try to brand itself as The Industry” to work in. Well first I didn’t even think of the interview at all until I received this phone call the night before the interview confirming time.  I was like yep I have to dress up tomorrow!

But email confirmation and a phone call? Impressive, I thought might be I will be interviewing with the “Henry Cartier Bresson” of Louisville, that’s a good sign! I got excited there.

So I was told to arrive 15mn before the interview. Here I am 1pm, 20mn before the interview, I’m there.

Me: I’m here for the interview

The receptionist: well she said she will be here late, she should be here around 1:30pm

Me: Is there where I can wait for her

The receptionist: See if you can find a seat there may be you can sit there

The “there” is empty lobby with a table and about 3 chairs put on top of each other like at the end of a long night in a bar the waiter is too tired to put things where they should be, so he just put the chars in a corner on top of each other.

I thought: here I am again in a waiting room not sure, wandering what is all this about? Is she really late or is this some sort of interview tests where in 5mn someone will come out from the door in the waiting room and he will be shouting at me cause I took one of the chairs. That’s what they do in Finance interview jobs. They like to put you in stressful situation where you have no clue if you were dreaming or watching movie. It’s a test to see how you would react, sort of introduction as well to what will be waiting for you during your day of work in Investment Bank.  It’s like it happens, you get in your boss office and he takes a chair and through out of a window (seriously friend of mine had that happened to him in an interview.)

I laughed about it and I said may be not, and I started thinking how I will be sharing my thoughts with my interviewer of how disrespectful of her to insist on me to come 15mn earlier and she’s coming 30mn late. In fact, why can’t we as interviewee say what we think? Why are we supposed to smile and ignore the fact that the interviewer is just abusing of their position? What sort of power do you think they have, why can’t we have an opinion or evaluate the interviewer. I mean we should, this interviewer has at the end of the day himself a boss that he or she needs to know how her or his employee presenting the company.

15 mn later, the receptionist again: She said you can come now.

So she’s been up there all the time, she’s not late or anything, so it is one of the interviews trick. Ohh my! not again.

30mns later I was out. What a joke. I am dreaming! What a deception! I mean true it’s a big studio working with some of the biggest photographer in the US but then what, does that make me any less important as human being? Does it make my experience worthless? So it turned out that the assistant is sort of a job that even 10-year old kid can do it, plus I only get the answer of being hired or not in 2 weeks. Waww even art became corporate.

That’s it I am over this, I’ve had it from this way of thinking “if you need work, you are my slave as I offer the job”

My decision is taken From now on it’s going to be me and the penguin!

penguin c21 Ain’t no CORPORATE in my life anymore!

I’m going to work for my own. I will be choosing who I want to work with and for. I didn’t have the courage until today but after my year of traveling and this interview I decided not to be slave to anyone anymore.

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