7 ways to make your daily life as fun as a full-time traveller’s life

Start on this 7 routines and you will start to enjoy life just like a traveller living off a backpack living with complete stranger:

    1. I owe myself a smile every single day:You don’t need a reason to be happy. Enjoying life! You think it should be naturel thing but most of the time in the capitalist world we live in we forget to think about that we just get busy thinking about money, acquiring new physical materials, what we don’t have, what we were not able to achieve so far, blame ourselves for not doing this or that.. so on so forth. Joy and Happiness must be every day goal. It starts from the moment I open my eyes. I’m still rested; one thing I don’t miss to do a single day, before I even get up of my bed: I smile to myself and thank nature for the new day. Nothing can stop you from doing that and every moment of the day will be appreciated once you start your day smiling. Happiness is in small actions we do here and there. Happiness is a decision. If you miss the morning smile you got all day long to catch up but do it, I recommend you do it in front of a mirror; the first times you do it you will notice how even your face expression changes.

      IMG_4679 After I caught the first and only fish sailing the great barriers reefs, Australia

    2. Talk to 1 new person per week: even if it’s a complete stranger that I will never meet again. At the end of the day most of the people if not 100% of the people when travel I can’t meet again today, I wish I can and I’m still am in contact with few and I hope that same thing happens with the people I do meet today. Cause at the end of the day I have more chances to become friend with them and that’s even better. 1 new person every single week a conversation even of 5 mn, that’s 52 new people in a year and 52 different subjects from what I can talk about, it might well be 52 new things I learn every year.

      IMG_5252  Me and Shan my dear friend I met in Luminate Festival in New Zealand
      today she disappeared in Egypt no one knows what happen to her,
      I hope she will be found safe and alive one day

    3. Throw out 1 thing you don’t need every month: there is always 1 extra thing in the closet or in the house you don’t need, you never used and believe me you will never will: give it away, if it’s too dear to you give it to someone you know so you can see it again. make that backpack lighter so I can enjoy the road. The road of the trip yesterday and the road of life today. The lighter the better. I remember the time when I’m traveling and I leave my big backpack behind and I take only the small one how much I enjoy my time, I feel so free so light I can do whatever I want, go for a hike trip, go to the city go to a park party I can be anywhere and I don’t feel retarded carrying my big backpack with me. Same today, I buy only what I need and I through what I don’t need, no attachment to any material. I though 1 think every other week even not a month. Gosh I feel light.

      IMG_3253From what I remember I was happier every time I take throw out one thing off of my backpack, which I  had on for 339 

    4. Discover your neighborhood:You will be surprised how different look places you know, when you see them from different side or angle. Walking or driving back home from work try to get lost, take a different road, it’s not a waste of time is giving yourself a break from seeing something over and over and over.

      IMG_5044 I drove by this stretch of the neighborhood so many time but when I took different turn it seemed so different that I decided that one day this wall will be the background of my life time project ” the book of wishes” and it did.

    5. Make a plan :since I can’t plan for my trip anymore I do plan for my week now. New habit I got and I love it keeps me up with my goals. A day pass by and a week pass by and a month and a year and we don’t realize it we don’t do what we want to do. Not anymore every single day count for me. I do write down even names of friends I need to call or meet, cause I used to forget and before I know it those people are mad at me or they call and I’m like “ I swear I meant to call you “ I don’t say that anymore I hear though and laugh about it. Make a list on that boring Sunday afternoon of the things you want to do on the week: movie to watch, people to call, something to read, a food to eat whatever it is. You get caught in everyday task and you forget the important thing to do: Make every moment meaningful.

      IMG_9300Nothing worth more than a smile you get out when you call someone you meant to call and haven’t called for awhile

    6. Take it easy:One thing I learned from my nomad life: nothing is worth the stress, what I experienced on the road made me realize that failure and success keep coming in a cycle, none of them wins during a life time but they keep competing. we face them both so take it easy to enjoy them as they comeIMG_7422After a day  winery tour in Adelaide Australia
    7. Good memory brings happiness: Life is too short to stop and think about bad experiences. It’s not worth it. Bringing good memories keeps me smiling gives me hope for a better tomorrow and reminds me of the cycle. I might be not as good today but I had my good times and I will have more of them.

      IMG_0034 First time taking a sleeping train crossing Thailand from South to the North; where I spent almost a month

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