Kentucky Derby: it’s not all about the HAT

It’s all about the hat….. but not only the hat.

Kentucky Derby Festival raise the curtain to show a different facet of Louisville .

Since 2005 Heard about Derby season in Louisville and how festive it is but didn’t have the chance to make it.

This year, moved  to Louisville since January , I thought that nothing can make this town a city. Small, deadly cold, not Boston or Chicago but worst. People drive-in even to buy their bottle of wine. Walking is only for exercising, I feel sometimes like an alien walking outside. I don’t blame them, why would you when you grow driving everywhere. Living in NY, Boston, Paris and London only raised my expectation about any place that its people call a city.

During Derby season though I understood why Louisville is called a city.  A different city that flips 180 degrees from cold, indoor,  unfriend for walker to a city where outdoor is where all happen. A city that has so much going on every week end and every night even, coming to the Derby week, that you don’t need to plan ahead what you are doing. Just walk on Bardstown and will be happening all over the place.

Derby is Christmas for Kentuckian. People celebrate the Derby day in Churchill downs, The horse race track, which turns into a big fest where not only horses count. People dress up like gentlemen and elegant ladies from the 60s and act like 21st century teenagers who were forbidden from alcohol and they found a place where to get hammered.


Over 100k people walk to Churchill downs hats on, dresses and high heels, bow ties and festive costumes may be sneaking some alcohol and having a lot of cash ready to spend in bidding on horses like there is no tomorrow.


But doesn’t all happen in the racetrack. The ghetto next to it turns into the most expensive parking lot in the city offering parking spots for not less 20$. The public streets are now privately owned and Golf cars are available to take you to the entrance of Churchill down just like prince and princess.



But Derby is only a start for a great season in Louisville that I’m happy to live in today 🙂

IMG_7211Wearing my first Derby hat in a Derby party, Louisville KY, May 4, 2014

To see more Derby pic:


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