“We Love You”

Welcome Home: that’s how I was greeted when I got to the National Rainbow Gathering in Vermont:IMG_1334

Over 10,000 people settled up in the mountains filling the air with lots of love, peace and positive energy. every now and then you hear “We Loooooooooove Yoooooooou” out load filling the air with vibration of love, joy, cheerfulness and kindness.


The Rainbow Family becomes a family of spirits, far from physical attachement. No money involved or slavery, hard labor nothing from the Babylon world (life  outside of the gathering called Babylon). Abondance of food (soup, pizza yes Pizza in the wood,Indian, salades…..), prayers (Jew, Muslim, Krishna……all religion and no religion is presented in the gathering), abondance pf music (Krishna chanting, drumming all night long, Scottish, Rock, ….. ) and more importantly love, love and lots of love and prayers for World peace from the family.

At the gathering all differences drop and the family is united no matter how we disagree we all treat each other as brothers and sisters. We’re all kids, we are free of judgement, we get together to love each other, live together and share ,share food, share love, share Zozo (candy) we even have grand pa best Grand Pa ever:

“Woodstock Granpa”

Until next year I love you family and I hope you grow more and more and more until Babylon becomes Rainbow.


Link to more picture from Rainbow Gathering in Vermont 2016:    https://flic.kr/s/aHskDfaeyF






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