When technology throw you back in time

November 8, 2016 left home for a trip of 4 months, full of enthusiasm for many reportage. Third day on the trip my Mac bailed on me 😦  The Challenge of the 21st century Photographer, beating up by technology.

No panic, I’m busy with Paris Photo, I will take care of this after, i will be in Tunisia but there is an I store there. Hélas, the istore in Tunisia doesn’t stock pieces, they need to order the piece that needs to be replaced and it takes 45 days, yes je dis bien 45 God Damn days.

Faced by a harsh reality but need plan B

Andreas Bank blog (http://andreasbank1980.blogspot.de/2012/08/on-go-image-backup-for-10-only.html)

became my plan B. Plan that helps me copy SD cards content to external drive and keep shooting as I go. All I need is to add a USB hub to my card reader, external drive and my old Samsung phone that the trash was calling for it for a year.


Plan B that needs plan C

I have to say, I have no guaranty my phone will keep working until the end plus Andreas mentioned that some had broken HDDs and hung up phones, I already experienced the latest hopefully not broken HDD.

Plan C pray and pray more to have enough memory cards until I go back home and not loose any of my cards or their contents.

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