Palestinian refugees and descendants’ crisis in the Middle East: Syrian war, discrimination, unrecognized identity and immigration to Europe

Presentation @ AAA meeting 2017 Washington DC, Thursday, November 30, 2017 6:15 PM – 8:15 PM


Syrian war led to increase of refugees in Lebanon and Jordan which led to aggravation of discrimination against Palestinian refugees and deterioration of their socioeconomic status in both Jordan and Lebanon.
After the Syrian war, Palestinian refugees are encountering more discrimination and deterioration of their socioeconomic status in Jordan and Lebanon. Number of refugees in Jordan and Lebanon is increasing after the war which is aggravating the economic crisis in the country and increasing tension of the countries’ citizens against refugees.
Based on conversations, interviews, photographs and general observation conducted within and outside of Palestinian refugee camps, (presenting all categories of Palestinian refugees, the ones with recognized status of refugees and the ones with inherited unrecognized identity) in Lebanon and Jordan, this ethnographic study investigates how discrimination against Palestinian refugees is creating increasingly unfavorable environment for Palestinian refugees pushing them away to Europe.
It is important to address the humanitarian on-going crisis in the Middle East, especially the question of Palestinian refugee as they are the most vulnerable refugees to all wars affecting the Middle East.



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