Support Women Artists Now (SWAN)!

Support Women Artists Now (SWAN)!

2018 is the 11th year of celebrating SWAN Day, the 8th in Louisville, KY and I am proud to be invited by Katho Ellis and Nancy Gall Clayton to celebrated with other brilliant Louisvillian women artists.

Left to Wright: Emma M. Talbott, Sozia Eastman, Kathi E.B. Ellis, Jenny Pfanenstiel, Jacqui BlueZoe Peterson,
Amira Karaoud, Bette Levy, Nancy G. Clayton, Leslie Moise, Stacy Ridgway, Lynn Slaughter

SWAN day is an idea born during a car ride between Bloomington IL and Chicago, as two great women artists and advocate of women art— Jan Lisa Hunter, Chicago film critic and founder of WITASWAN, and Martha Richards, executive director of Women Arts— discussed ways to build more direct connections between women artists and women audience members.

WITASWAN (Women in the Audiences Supporting Women Artists Now) members make a commitment to see at least one film every month that is directed or written by a woman, whether it is in a theater or on a DVD.

SWAN day should be a day where all commit to see at least one work created by one women artist: film, photography, ceramic, book, a poem or any form of art that speaks to you.

Know at least one name of a women artists.

51% of visual artists today are women, yet I bet you anything many can’t name one women artist (and I have proof: . When you know that work by women artists make only 3-5% of major permanent collections in the US and Europe you can’t blame the public. But since we are in the great era of the Internet women artist work and names is only one search away. Ask google, google will be happy to give the infinite list of great Art work done by women.

Don’t have time here is one you need to know: Judy Chicago “The dinner party”

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