Merci madam la ministre Christiane Taubira

Words of wisdom has to come from a woman and not any but the appointed Minister of Justice of France in the Ayrault Government under President François Hollande.

“Finalement nous sommes pas des sauvages!” she says “after all we are not savages!” 

Savages, a word that resonated with me. With every  Photo-documentary/ reportage I covered in the region of North African and Middle East and South East Asia the last five years I wondered why this savagery? can’t we not live together? why are we are so self absorbed and can’t sympathies with others, listen to each other, hear each other’s story and help each other?

People of the west, people of the capitalist industrialized world, we people of the thirld world asking for some mercy. Mercy! We are humans too and we deserve a respectful life.

I won’t take away from Madam la ministre Christiane Taubira and her speech, find here:

Le coup de gueule de Christiane Taubira sur l’accueil des réfugiés en France

Christiane Taubira has been France’s minister of justice since May 2012—a position that has turned her into a symbol for the left and a target for the right. She most famously made headlines during the heated debates in parliament and in the streets, leading to the legalization of same-sex marriage in France in May 2013.







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