Carnets des 23 Souhaits (the book of wishes)

23 days left, before I book my ticket I had to come up with an idea that will take my mind off of any negative thoughts so I go back home with a big smile I inherited from this journey.

People who followed my trip had always supported me in the bad and hard times, when I felt I am not able to continue. They kept me going, they gave a sense to my long traveling. They are the ones who are going to keep me going to the last minute and I won’t enjoy the end unless I share more with them.

This is my gift to everyone who followed my adventure which wouldn’t had  as much sense without them: A message from every fan to his or her beloved. I copy it and find a nice background to it; somewhere in one of the exotic, unique or special places far away from home I will be in in these last few days.

Message 1, September 20th, 2013 Day J-23: Pic in Chiang Mai, Thailand

From: Majd to Karmoussti


Message 2, Septembre 21st, 2013 Day J-22 Pic towards Pai, Thailand:

To Jaune Orange: After 60Km driving out of Chiang Mai in my way to Pai. I stopped at this place for a break and it was just perfect. Yellow little cabin, the little girl feeding the animals, there was only my sign of wish missing: Happy Birthday Jaune Orange.


Jaune Orange, you love colors, I couldn’t find a better place, full of colors and life to tell you “Happy Birthday” .

Message 3, September 22nd, 2013, Day J-21, Pic in Pai, Thailand:

From Bassma Khrissi to L. Louati Pic in Pai, Thailand

As soon as I got to Pai I come across Jack Sparrow. He has stand in Pai selling his post card. When I arrived he was packing and leaving for the day. I sat and wrote my message as quickly as I can and went and asked him while he was running the engine of his little old Volkswagen beetle.
-“ Jack could you please hold a sign for me, it’s a message my friend wants to pass to her love”
and with a very serious face and in hurry
-“what does she wants to tell him?”


I showed him the message and although he said he didn’t have lunch and he’s rushing to go get something in his empty stomach at 3pm, he took at least 3mn posing for me. I guess he likes your message Basma

Message 4, September 23rd, 2013, Day J-20, Pic in Pai, Thailand:

From Emna to Dadou

Was walking around in the Chinese Village in Pai and I found these girls, young, beautiful and happy. Excellent can’t be older than you Dadou. Next thing I know they were the ones who wanted to take a picture with me, so it was easy to ask them to hold the sign and they played the game pretty well 

IMG_0647Happy Birthday Dadou

Message 5, September 24rd, 2013, Day J-19, Pic in Pai, Thailand:

From Jaafer to Rena

Lisa and Julien , 2 Germans who started their 3 months trip 3 weeks ago. We’re staying in same hostel, lovely place, in the top of the mountain with fantastic view and circuits tools. Lisa and Julien are full of love and happiness, I thought it’s same vibe I felt from Jaafer when he sent me not once or twice asking to get his message to his dear Rena with whom he will get married next month. I asked them if they can pose for my picture and they wanted to see the message. As soon as they saw the message, even though Lisa is sick and was thinking that she can’t do the picture, she was talking to Julien to try one of their stands that they used to do,
Both standing on the line holding the sign. Lisa has not done it for a year, so they decided to do something simpler. (their attempt to stand in the line is in this video:


Jaafer, Lisa and Julien send you and Rena the positive vibe of their love and wish you happy wedding.

Message 6, September 25th, 2013, Day J-18, Pic in Pai, Thailand:

From Emna Hafnaoui to her daughters Meyssa and Dalia

Pai is just full of little corners that makes my project just succeed  I found this little place, for the little Meyssa and Dalia I think it will make them smile. Spend some time to find the right person to hold the sign. This little boy was there all the time but I didn’t notice him as he was absorbed by his game in his tablet absolutely no word or move from him. I went and talked to him , thinking ohh my he is going to hate me. But instead he didn’t mind, in very quick gesture put his tablet down and took the sign put himself between the strawberries but I think he was still thinking about his game as no smile came of him, it was almost a robotic reaction.
As soon as I asked to smile I think he realized that he is not looking at his screen anymore.


I hope you like the pic Dalia and Meyssa from mom

Message 7, September 26th, 2013, Day J-17, Pic in Pai, Thailand:

BAC 2014 From Sabri

Emna today, Julien, my friend was sick and we had to take him to the hospital. We have only 1 motorbike and it was the 4 of us. We decided to fit all in the motorbike. We laughed all made joke about it and we did it. Drove all the way there, the doctor checked on him, we went to the market and to a restaurant for lunch and back to the hostel. Everyone was laughing at us and we were laughing too, it’s hard, almost impossible we did it.


You can do it too, keep smiling and everything will be ok !

Message 8, September 27th, 2013, Day J-16, Pic in Pai, Thailand:

From Amine to his son Scander

Scander I thought an elephant will be the best in your picture as your daddy one day was almost getting stepped on by an elephant, or rather he put himself on the elephant way!

You are the cutest baby in the world.

Message 9, September 28th, 2013, Day J-15, Pic in Pai, Thailand:

From Saoussen to her beloved sons: Rabii and Rayen

Rayen and Rabii, Gabon is a cool guy him and his brother has a tea stand, they serve the tea in the Bamboo I bought one and I kept the Bamboo to give it to you when I come back to Tunisia. Keep it, one day you will go to Pai, take it with you and take a picture with Gabon.


Message 10, September 29th, 2013, Day J-14, Pic in Bus station i Cambodia (borders with Thailand):

From Arbi and Insaf  to their beloved Kenza

Kenza, the feet are girl traveler’s feet, from France, Germany and China they are going into Southeast Adventure and that small foot print is the invitation for you to join them one day to the big adventure of life: Traveling.


Wish you great life and a lot of adventure from your parents

Message 11, September 30th, 2013, Day J-13, Pic in Siem Reap, Cambodia:

From Linda to Linda

Linda, these young monks abandoned everything in search for their true self and happiness as happiness reside in simplicity of life.

Keep smiling and be happy

Message 12, October 1st, 2013, Day J-12, Pic in Siem Reap, Cambodia:

From Manel to Ilyes

Manel and Ilyes, the little Nicole is 4 years old, as she is growing up and flourishing nicely and healthy Peps’In will follow.


Message 13, October 12nd, 2013, Day J-11, Pic Angor Wat, Cambodia:

From Mark to Mark

Dear friend Mark, Your message was the first to come but I thought I will keep it until I get to Angor Wat as no place can say more about the message 

Thank you for being patient and for being part of my journey. Hope to see you again one day in this planet.

Cheers to Melbourne.

Message 14, October 3rd, 2013, Day J-10, Pic in Siem Reap, Cambodia:

To Beya

Beya, the Turkish big fish and the small Cambodian fish wish you Happy Birthday from Siem Reap Cambodia 


Message 15, October 4th, 2013, Day J-9, Pic in Siem Reap, Cambodia:

From Soumaya to her beloved daughter Meryam and Selima

Meryam and Selima, I hope I see you in few years ride bikes to school, mom will be so proud of you. She already is any way 

Mom loves you forever

Message 16, October 5th, 2013, Day J-8, Pic in Siem Reap, Cambodia:

From Lina to Maissa

Lina and Maissa, Koko is a Day Dream Believer (that’s what her tattoo says) She is 26 Australian left her job and traveling the world with her friend.


One day you will get to do the same. Keep dreaming it will happen.

Message 17, October 6th, 2013, Day J-7, Pic in Siem Reap, Cambodia:

From Samih to his beloved parents:

These two kids seemed so comfortable where they are just because they had their mom around them.
It’s nice to thanks his parents all the time just because when they are here somehow they make it at ease.
IMG_2059-2Thank you Samih for sharing your thanks to your parents.

Message 18, October 7th, 2013, Day J-6, Pic in Bangkok, Thailand:

From Sinda Nina

I thought I was dreaming. I woke up in a morning and still not working.

My decision of 5am, should I leave to the island without camera. At the end of the day I only have 6 days left, I will keep everything I will see in my memory, but the messages?????
So may be I should stay and fix my camera before.
May be it needs more than 1 day to be fixed, should I take a chance???
My dream? my projects? people who gave their messages waiting to see them in one of the unique exotic places I will see or they wish me to see so they can travel through their messages to those places.
Decision Decision Decision: Dream it! Do it! wasn’t I who said that few days ago??


What’s the meaning of going without purpose?

IMG_2535I stayed, and it was worth it, here ago Sinda, your message with the guy who helped me get my camera fixed today ( it was costly but what the hell  ) worth it. Nothing is impossible

Message 19, October 8th, 2013, Day J-5, Pic in Ko Tao, Thailand:

From Slim to his kids: Sarra and Mehdi

Finally I made it to Ko Tao.
Slim your message for the little Mehdi and Sarra. I hope you like it. The little girl holding the message was showing me the cream that she uses on her face to keep it smooth and white


Message 20, October 9th, 2013, Day J-4, Pic in Ko Tao, Thailand:

From Khaoula to Aymen

With a bit of delay as the messages are first come first taking picture of  I wish Aymen happy birthday from Ko Tao


Message 21, October 10th, 2013, Day J-3, Pic in Ko Tao, Thailand:

From Amine to Beth

In the morning I saw an old couple walking on the beach and I thought they would really make a nice picture with your message as symbol of long life full of love together guys.

Took a walk on the opposite side of the beach on the afternoon and I came across this young German couple full of life, love and ambition about the future. Taking pictures of each other and then called me to take a picture of them together. I got to talk to them and it turned out that they just got engaged. I thought they will make a better picture with your message as when you see them you will think of the day of your engagement, think about your couple after 7 years of wedding how much you still love each other and hold on to each other like you just knew each other.


Keep surprising each other guys there is only that sparkle of the beginning of a relationship that is going to keep you loving each other like the first day.

Message 22, October 11th, 2013, Day J-2, Pic in Ko Tao, Thailand:

Meher, I hope PéPé is feeling better. Water is the source of life and this little kid in the boat in the water I thought would be a great place to have your wish in I hope you and Pépé like it.


Message 23, October 12th, 2013, Day J-1, Pic in Ko Tao, Thailand:

From Khawla to her beloved Lilly

Khawla, these 3 girls were playing with bikes in the small streets and laughing and teaching each other tricks on bikes and didn’t have any sense of what’s happening around them, it was really joyful to watch.
kima tra Lilly bientôt 

Message 24, October 14th, 2013, Day J, Bangkok Airport, Thailand:

From Dhoha
Dhoha, your message came pretty much the first but left it to a special day: the day I’m heading home. Thank yo for the beautiful message.

2hours until my departure and in few hours I will be home sweet home!
I’d like to thanks everyone who made of my journey this year a great and a special one. Thanks for the people who helped me prepare my trip and through out the trip: Amine Karaoud, Beth Ekland, Daniel Ekland, Melanie Redolf, my nieces Emna Ben Hassine and Yosra Snoussi

The people I met on the road helped me or taught me something: Rebecca Weeks, Sha Nan (and I hope they find you in Egypt safe and alive) Johanes, all couchsurfers, lepetit Chef de New Caledonia, Mark Davis, Khalid Khalif, Ramy Hamrouni,

The people who helped me through out my journey online through the page or my blog especially:Sonia Hachicha , Khrissi Basma, Soumaya Ben Tanfous , Mourad Belahmar, Trek Traveler, Emna Hafnaoui, Elyes Land, Ahmed Ferchich M’Bedi, and many others.

my dear friends who didn’t miss any hangout Lina Rezgani Med Salah Tekaya, Wael Boufaden , Beya Nour Ben Ammar

The people who shared their wishes/messages and hopes and the stories behind them.

and everyone who liked my page and followed my trip, you are so many I couldn’t write all names but I’m looking forward to see everyone in Tunisia and elsewhere.

Without you I would’ve never had such great journey.

I will keep going as long as I know you’re there

Stay tuned it will be another trip where I will need you again

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