People of Fiji

Main 2 ethnic groups in Fiji and what to know about them:

– Ethnic Fijians who call themselves Kai Viti (“the people of Viti” the original name of the Island) or i Taukei (“the owners of the land”) descended from a Melanesian people who came from the west and began settling here around 500 B.C.

Fijian are very welcoming, helpful and cheerful with a little sense of time and good service though (refer to Fiji Time Chapter: )

– Indian now called Indo-Fijians, can be rude and unpleasant. When you walk in Fiji nowadays and you are greeted “BULA” it is most likely that person is Fijian than Indo-Fijian.

But they deserve the credit of being reliable when it comes to service.

Visiting a Village:

– Women make sure to wear a Sarong.
– Men and Women make sure to take off your hat if you ever want to pay respect to the people of the village.

Chapter I:


Chapter II:


Chapter III:


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