Fiji chapter II

Fiji chapter II: 2.5 days means 2 days

The 2 and 1/5 days means 2 days
Got to Fiji at 1 am, quiet late and because of the hurricane, there was no electricity, meaning no phone call, no internet and no banking. Had no plan to stay in Fiji, and have no choice but to stay another 4 days to check my flight to New Caledonia. How nice! the adventure only about to start.
Lucky enough to ask for some recommendations of a hostel from a friend before I leave the US, after a long time waiting inside the airport for my luggage, I passed security and curious to see if the driver of the hostel is there or if I will spend my night at the airport. Annnnnd, he was there, great sometimes the Fiji time can work on my advantage.

Got some sleep and woke up in the morning to make my phone calls: to the airline, to see if there is a way I can get to New Caledonia before, to my family and let them know I’m well arrived.
No, no electricity, which means no phone no internet, no nothing. I played calm and stayed at the reception thinking on what to do and waiting for the receptionist to charge my computer?
After 1hour waiting and talking with people next to me who were sharing their Fiji experience as well, I decided to join this group of people who are taking a tour of the island.
Packed and joined the tour forgetting about the hustle and worry about what to do tog et to Noumea before the 22nd, after all I’m in Fiji, I should take advantage of it.
The tour of 2and1/2 days started. Made first stop at one of the nice beaches of Fiji, except after the hurricane nothing was nice about it.

From there, our second stop was the unexpected adventure of Sand-boarding, amazing experience.


For the rest of the day, we drove through the Coral Coast of Fiji and stayed in Mango Bay, the resort that inspire relaxation and calm, except for all the frogs I came across my walk from the room to the dining area. Ahhhhhhhhh!

Well it’s also part of the adventure.

The second day of the tour starts with a hike in the rain forest. It looked like we’re the first to walk in the forest after the hurricane. Green, calm, active and arouse. Tropical plants, water falls and juming from rocks into waterfalls (2 shots from the bucket list done in one day awesome.)


One more thing done from the bucket list: cruising the Navoua River on a small boat and coming across wild indigenous Fijian kids cruising the river hunting in their kayak, and when they saw us they started singing, shouting and dancing in the water: Authentic and unique experience. It only happens in Fiji.


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