Fiji time: No hurry, no worry!

Fiji time: No hurry, no worry!

The 4 hours means 24h and the 24 means 45h
The 2 and 1/5 days means 2 days
1 and 1/2h means 2 and sometimes it just means 30mn.


First day of the journey, December 15, 2012; excited, curious and impatient for what I am going to experience, people I will meet, pictures I will take.
Initially I wanted to tell the stories in photographs but after all words can express more than pictures in some instants, such as the “Fiji time experience” J

The Fiji time started with Air Pacific in LA.
My flight was scheduled for 9:00 pm, Dec 15th. from LA but Air Pacific knew how to put me in Fiji mood before I even get there. “You’re in LA relax, take advantage of it”
Eventually I did, I don’t have a choice after all. A friend picked me up from LAX. Took me to a tour in LA.
24h after, I was at the airport all excited, finally I will start my journey and will still make it to Fiji on time to catch my flight to New Caledonia.

No, not yet, you are in Fiji time: No hurry, no worry still not time to get there yet. The flight is again delayed another 8 hours. Left the airport for another night.
The flight was scheduled for 4:30 am, this time I decided to keep calling the airline before I leave the house.
Even though the waiting time was 30mn before anyone picks up the phone, but worth it as the flight kept getting delayed over and over until it finally was set to 14:30pm December 17th.
Ok, this time it sounds like we will be leaving.
But not really, as the crew were not there; Air Pacific, must be a joke, even Ryan air is better.

Finally we took off at around 4pm. So it wasn’t as much the weather fault but Air Pacific one, or I should say, it’s no ones fault it’s just Fiji Time.

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