New Caledonia

Voyage to the heart: ” Coeur de Voh”

I offer “le Coeur de Voh” for all the people I love and inspired me in life, all the travelers I came across and shared their journeys with me, I offer this heart for everyone who’s reading this and believed in me.
Great journey full of sharing, joy and happiness, I wish for everyone to have a day like my day today.

IMG_1522Coeur de Voh Jan 5, 2013

I would like to share with you a story a fellow traveller I met not a while ago shared with me.

So this guy has been travelling for years now, his girlfriend who joined him had a break down one day, and told him she’s not even sure why she’s doing it. A real nomad, travel lover who follows the road from the heart comes out with a wisest answer, my friend asked her to look for something beautiful in her day every day. Simple but very meaningful and since then I didn’t miss a day without looking for something beautiful in my day every day.

Today I had more than one thing beautiful to think of about my day.

Our first stop:

not even 7am was at the coffee shop La Case in Foa.


We got our croissants and coffees from Sergui, smiley and nice guy. Made me try “Galet du Roi” as I never had them before and told me about his travelling in North Africa, then I asked him about the roasted chicken stands I saw on the road and he said “ Wallis people eat biiiig breakfast” so I realized that the croissant is not necessarily the national breakfast of every French colony, France can colonize a country but can’t take the nature of the people of that country J

Second stop:


My day finding: a smile of an old endogenous .

Quiet a character, confirmed, confident standing like a president, I thought, and smiling like a baby. Age is such a wonderful gift, you look back and you remember those stories which make your day burden softer and your joy bigger and make you realize “it must be something beautiful in my day today” J

After 4 hours drive, we made it to the mountain across from “ Coeur de Voh” as the heart is too big to be seen from land, it can only be seen from above. So we climbed about 400m high mountain to finally see it. It’s not as clear view is if we were in a helicopter but it feels nicer as we took all the time of the world up there looking at it, watching the cloud above it change it’s color and even hiding it sometimes.


A moment of reflection up there: Life is beautiful; there must be a good thing about your day everyday. The beauty can be seen even in the croissant that was made 4am to be ready for me to eat when I wake up, in the smile I see from the person passing by. Beauty and joy of life is everywhere around us everywhere we go, don’t have to make millions to be happy, don’t have to have your name in the news-paper or your picture framed in a wall.

All in all happiness and joy is a decision, it’s our own creation.

Great creation of joy, happiness and hope to watch:

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