A day in the farm

A day in the farm of New Zealand

Today, January 18, 2013, for the first time in my life and as much as I like the country side and like being in farms, I had the greatest prove that I can never be a farmer.


The harshness and the violence on animals I saw today in the farm was shocking . I know it might well be part of the process but a painful process I didn’t want to see. I couldn’t believe how they were kicking and beating cows. All the aggressiveness used just so some people can eat meat.
Have you ever wandered what are those tags in cows’ ears? I did but I always thought they’re numbers they give them to know they had they’re vaccine or not.
No I was wrong and if you believed same thing you are wrong too

Here is what it’s used for; basically those tags are registered in a computer with a list of data on the cow, his weight his age, may be how much he ate… so on so forth which will come on play during the painful process they go through.
Which goes like this, cows are assembled in a small tiny area, farmers start by passing some of them number through an even smaller passage, and by passing them I mean forcing them to pass with shouting, hitting with a stick and kicking if needed.
IMG_3222One of the farmers holds a sort of a big pistol filled with liquid, he takes it and force the cow’s moth open and dig that long big pistol inside the cow throat to make sure all the liquid goes inside his stomach. This is called widening, which means give a cow a liquid that kills the germs in his stomach also he becomes gravy for food hence grow faster.


Once that done, cows are forced again into another passage so they get scanned, or rather the tag in their ear get scanned and the computer would give the weight of the cow now, compare it with the last weight and gives the average weight lost or gained since then, pretty sophisticated! But the process I don’t know about that.

May be there isn’t any other way to do it so humans can eat a big steak when they go out. I’m not vegan but I’m against animal violence and after seeing this, I’m not sure when will be the next time I will eat any meat if never, and for sure I will never ever in my life be a farmer looking to make money out of animal torture.

I can have cute farm with some chicken that give some eggs to eat in a morning if there is; grow some fruits and vegetables with no kicking, no shouting, no violence, no nothing to hurt to animals, I am still in shock really, I was able to take one picture every time I look at I feel sorry for all the cows out in that farm and other farms.

To make up for the day and try to forget what I Saw, I run for 1 hour and had 2h Yoga, just so I get exhausted and get some sleep so tomorrow is another day. It worked actually after that I was able to see the beauty of the farm and I took some picture which I’m sharing with you here.


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