Back to the City: Auckland

After a month spent in little islands with not many people, back to the City but not any City: Auckland, New Zealand.


Even in the city the adventure didn’t stop J I am staying in Henderson, West of Auckland about 18Km to Auckland Center. I borrowed a bike from my host and “hit the road Amira”

The ride is lovely, all the way to the city I get a nice view of the city (as you saw in the picture above), and in both sides of the road is the ocean. Half way through, as the tides getting higher, I found myself biking in the water. The water get to a point that my bike wheals were half covered with water. I was laughing and fighting my way out of the water but the ride in the water kept going for about 15mn, I don’t think I never had any harder and enjoyable exercise.  


The road after that was just perfect: “After the rain the grass will grow”


Auckland is not that big but after a month spent in islands it felt like China. A lot of people all over the place, waiting for the light to turn green to cross, overwhelming 🙂


FYI, New Zealand is a Nuclear free country. In fact since 1984 nuclear-powered or nuclear-armed ships are barred from using New Zealand ports or entering New Zealand waters.



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