Travel Different: Free accommodation and Homestay

Not only Couchsurfing is available for budget traveler to find free accommodation while traveling the world. In fact many has exist even before couchsurfing and still exist today.

As more travelers exist more online invention to make it easier to travel to feel home on the road and make traveling more exciting as you can be part of the society while you are only their for few days or weeks.

During my last year traveling I found out that possibilities for homestays are endless. There are even ones that are specific to my traveling style be it on the road, on a bike, exploring agriculture in other country, sailing…….

Here I will share with you some of the sources I used and I will try to keep it up-dated as I hear about more resources for travel free homestay. If you want to travel: the world is your oyster:


Who doesn’t dream about buying a boat and traveling around the world while in his or her own house.
Today you don’t have to buy a boat to live that experience. Either you want to try it, you want to get some experience or just travel from one point to point in a different way or going to places that you will never be able to visit if you don’t get in a boat, it is possible. You don’t need to have sailing experience neither
Myself I had no experience and during my last trip I spent 8 weeks on a boat (cost free).
2 weeks sailing around the great barriers reef in Australia and 2 months around the Louisiade Islands (that you can’t go to without a private boat as no airport or public transport get to these islands) to Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea ( video of my journey in the Louisiade islands: , to see picture of the islands: go to and to Estimor.
The list is endless but here are the ones I looked at and the most known in the sailing crew websites. Although some ask to pay to spend time in the boat many don’t so check them out:

French Websites:

English Websites/ Anglo-Saxon users:

Another option is to walk-in to the port and  ask around. I met someone who got to Australia from Singapore by finding a boat leaving at the port.

Farming/ Agriculture/ Animal lovers:

If you are fan of the country side and dream to spend time in a farm to know how life is for farmers or even just to give a try to agriculture learn new technique or see how it works in other countries to come up with new idea for your own business. Opportunities that the websites below offer are around the world some do offer longterm stay, some are more open and you can go for a short period. Accommodation and even food are offered for someone who is welling to work for full day.

I didn’t use it myself but met many who used it and they love it, great experience and meet many interesting people. This option is not for someone who is welling to work for few hours a day in exchange for accomdation but for someone who want to explore different type of life or gain experience while traveling. Most of the offers are full day work for exchange of accomodation as well as food. Also sites are mainly in the country side, you won’t find any stay in the city or even big town.

I used it twice for the last year. helpx is larger than woofing, more diversified and can be more interesting than couchsurfing. In helpx, you can find many offers all around the world even in Tunisia:

    • Offers from NGOs, hence you can gain volunteering experience and can discover a different side of the country you visit, how people try to change their country to make it better. NGOs varies from teaching, to work for orphanage, to worke in a communities, or Yoga retreat centers… very popular in Asia
    • There are also offers of homestays. People in need for help in their daily tasks around the house: gardening, cleaning, painting the house, baby-siting…… the time I used the couple I was with needed help in painting but lucky me they didn’t start yet, still they hosted me for 4 days, lovely house in the city so it was like Couchsurfing but even better.



Cyclist travelers spend most of night in a tent dreaming to have warm shower and proper sleep in a bed. The website bellow is a cyclist community worldwide that helps you as world touring cyclist to find people welling to host cyclist.

All of the above and more

The network was created away before couchsurfing and few other hospitality websites. The good thing about it is it includes interesting network and even more specific than the ones above. Either you are a hitchhiker, a former AIESECer or interested to stay with indigenous while in a country without having it to be a tourist attraction places where you pay hundreds of dollars and many many other possibilities.

Don’t care about paying but don’t like hostels

If you don’t care about paying and in fact you prefer have your own place but tired of hostels, hotels….and prefer to feel like you live in the country you are visiting there is also an option and it’s great one, I used few times. It is a vacation rental, you pay per night some rent with minimum stay and some they can rent the place even for just one night.
If you want to stay in particular neighborhood also and can’t find a hotel you might find it here:

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