Visa requirements, Do’s and don’ts

Apply for Visa outside traveler’s home country

China and Russia: very hard to get your visa outside your country. Russia don’t even think about it. China if you are outside your country and decide to go there make your way to Hong Kong where you have more chances to get it.

Thailand: for tunisians you will pay for your visa if you apply for it in Tunisia but if you apply for it from another country in Asia ( for example Malaysia or Cambodia or Vietnam… ) you can get it for free.

Tunisian passport not as bad as some think:

Ahead of our neighbors Algerians and Moroccans ( and many other nationalities) we are classified the 65th country for Visa restrictions to enter certain countries in the world.
Many of the 63 countries (represent the 1/3 of the world) we can go to, without having to apply for a visa, are countries that any traveler dreams to go to and in some cases even Americans need a visa (Brazil is one example).

Besides, many of the 2/3rd countries that require Visa entry for tunisians, we can get Visa as easy as anyone. In fact most of other nationalities are required to get visa as well even as American or European, countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, UAE, Yemen.

Some of them on the other hand let you in if you hold another Visa in your passport, example if you hod an American Visa in your Tunisian passport you can enter Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Montenegro.


So having the lovely tunisian passport is not as bad if we want to start discovering the world. At the end of the day once you visited most of those 63 countries it will be very hard for other countries to refuse giving you Visa. Start with that list and it will be hard for many to refuse giving you one, the rest there is always a way.  Our biggest Tunisian Traveler who just visited the 200th country this year: Rached Trimeche talks about his adventure in getting into countries that challenged him as tunisian to get a Visa here is the link to his article:

For full list of Visa requirements for Tunisians citizens you can go to Wikipedia:

Also for pictures of some countries that you must go to and as tunisian you can go to without visa see:

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